Civic Dog®


CIVIC DOG® is a Portuguese brand that produces Scarves for Dogs. Each CIVIC DOG® scarf is a motivator of consciousness and responsibility, a fashion complement and a functional element: bags dispenser for poops (Community design n. 002571513-0001 y 002571513-0002). 

The Civic Dog® scarves are all made in carefully selected fabrics, 100% cotton. “Handmade with love”, the scarves are prepared one by one, so there are no two alike, even if they belong to the same theme. As we spared nothing, each scarf has the appropriate size to completely encircle the neck of your dog and highlight it with elegance with a beautiful knot.

Unlike what happens with traditional bandanas, which simulate scarves and necessarily depend that your dog uses a collar to be able to use them, he can wear its scarf even without it! This makes the scarves the best option for dogs that wear harness, or for greyhounds that, using martingale collars, can only complement their styling with loose scarves such as the Civic Dog® and O Clube da Tula.

Civic Dog® scarves, available sizes

Medium-large size fits necks up to 40 cm.

Extra-large size fits necks up to 55 cm.

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